Signature Treatments

“The Awakening”

Relax, revitalise and rejoice with our signature treatment designed exclusively for The Dartmouth Spa to reconnect body, mind and soul, from head to toe and from outside in. The adventure includes; foot pamper, body massage, body scrub, head massage, facial and hand pamper. The skin of the face and body is cleansed, invigorated, restored and nourished, tired muscles are eased and energised, and all the body systems are rebalanced and rejuvenated. Nurturing your energy and emotions, the soul is left refreshed and smiling with delight.

Mon-Sun £79

“Sail Away”

Designed by our expert Spa therapists team, this powerful treatment uses oriental flow head massage technique to ease tension and stress, bringing equilibrium to your mind and body. Hydrating properties of coconut balm are gently massaged into your hair and scalp and cocooned into a warm towel, leaving your hair and skin well-nourished and healthy. Whilst the hair mask is taking effect a prescriptive facial completes this treatment including a deeply relaxing face massage leaving you feeling balanced and stress free.

Mon-Sun £69

“Designed by men, for men!”

Targeted at soothing pains and aiding recovery, this treatment is particularly effective at easing aching backs and releasing tension in overworked legs. The powerful seaweed and peppermint mud is rich in active compounds and antioxidant properties which also stimulates circulation, this will be applied on areas of concern. It warms deeply, helping to ease muscle spasms and stressed joints caused by sport, physical work and general over exertion.

Mon-Sun £59